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Oil Stain Removal Service


Power Jet pressure washing company are experts in removing oil from block paving, drivways and other surfaces.

We are on-call to clean up these spills quickly and effectively at all times. Oil spillages on all hard surfaces need immediate attention and we have the know-how, experience and equipment to deal with them for you.

Our specialist equipment utilises steam for effective and environmentally friendly oil spill cleaning, day or night and is ideally suited for:

  • Cleaning oil spills on conrete surfaces
  • Cleaning oil spillages from block paving
  • Removing oil from tarmac

Oil stains on driveways are extremely common and can be very unsightly as well as creating a severe slip hazard.

If dealt with quickly most oil can be removed and at Power Jet we always use environmentally friendly chemicals whereever possible but we can use use other solvent based products and other methods if the stain is more ‘stubborn’ and has been on the surface for a long period of time.

Oil leaks or spills can be, dangerous, very damaging to surfaces and harmful to the enviroment so we recommend you take immediate action when discovering.

If you have found an oil leak or spill call Power Jet now on 01206 564179 or 01473 780477.


Got a Question ? You may find the answer here…


Q) Does it matter if I don’t get the oil removed from the surface straight away?

A) The sooner we can get to work on the oil stain the more chance we have of removing it! Virtually all surfaces are porous, the further the oil soaks in the harder it is to get back out! Although at Power Jet we do have a very high success rate at removing all oil stains.

Q) How do you remove oil from a surface?

A) To remove oil stains we use a chemical agent to break down the oil coupled with high pressure water from our machines. Our techniques have been tried and tested and we have yet to find a more efficient removal system.

Q) How much will it cost for oil removal?

A) This really does depend on the amount of oil to be removed, I always like to come to site to view the severity of the staining before quoting. Our quotes are free and no-obligation and dependant on the location, we can usually attend site on the same day.