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Paving Sealing Services


Power Jet pressure washing company also provide a paving sealing service for homes and businesses.

The paving sealants we use at Power Jet are among the best in the industry; they are more durable and last longer than cheaper water based alternatives.

Power Jet paving sealant gives the surface a fresh look, and helps to highlight the natural colours of the paved surface.

There are various finishes available including high gloss, matt or the most popular – satin. We always keep a ‘swatch’ on our vans so you can see up-close the finishes and way in which the sealant works.

The  sealer is applied evenly to the surface using a industrial roller. It then soaks into the paviour as well as the jointing sand, this binds the particles of sand together as well as the sides of the blocks.

After this application the solvent base of the sealer evaporates leaving the sealant effectively cured in place producing a very strong stable bond, which retains the normal flexible properties of the pavement.

The Power Jet paving sealing service:

  • Enhances the appearance, especially on older paving blocks
  • Reduces surface porosity thereby resisting the penetration of stains
  • Produces a bonded joint that helps to inhibit the growth of weeds, grass, algae & lichen
  • Helps to prevent the colonisation of ants nests

If you would like a free, no-obligation quote for your driveway, paving or patio to be sealed call Power Jet on 01206 564179 or 01473 780477.

Got a Sealant Question ? You may find the answer here…


Q) Once applied, when is the sealant ok for us to walk or drive our car on?

A) This depends on the temperature when applied and if the area sealed is exposed to full sun or not but I generally advise that you leave it 6 hours before its walked on and 24 hours before its driven on. We ensure that the newly sealed area is coned off and signs are displayed to keep off whilst the surface is drying.

Q) If we have had our drive sealed would it ever need to be re sealed in the future?

A) Yes, to keep a nice finish it is recommended a re-coat in one to two years, routine regular light rinsing helps to prolong the condition of the sealed surface.

Q) Once the sealant has been applied will the driveway be weed free?

A) Not Necessarily, it’s a myth that sealants completely stop weeds, Sealant helps, but it isnt a complete cure unfortunatly. At PowerJet we offer other, more effective weed control solutions than sealant – please call us for further information.